If you are struggling with the pandemic, or anything else and need help, please use this list of resources.

Here is a prayer for washing your hands. When said in a reverent manner, it takes a little over 20 seconds.

We are in the midst of a pandemic, and must open our hearts to care for one another, and protect one another. This time of physical withdrawal can be an opportunity to connect with our Gods. Many cultures have traditions of spiritual and religious people retreating from the world for a period of isolation in order to connect with the holy. We now all undertake this holy work in order to care for our planet, and everyone on it. Hail to those who take upon themselves this sacred work.

Prayer with blue Celtic knotwork border. Text of the prayer reads: May the Gods and Goddesses bless this Holy Water. May this act of health protect myself and my family. By washing my hands, I open my heart and perform this act of love for all of humanity. May we be well, may we be happy. May we all be healthy. Bless me holy water, that I am filled with loving kindness.