My name is Kai. I'm an astrologer, preistex, and diviner.

With over 25 years as a diviner, I'm here to help you find the answers you seek. Together we can unfold the intricacies of your natal promise or explore the archetypal mirror of your soul through the Tarot.

I offer personal consultations, private tutoring, and services to help others explore the Mysteries of the Universe.

Let the planets whisper their secrets, and I’ll translate their ancient language into meaningful guidance.

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Hello friends! I'm excited to announce that I'll be teaching astrology once again.

Class will begin in August, and the spots are filling fast. I would like to keep this class small, so I have plenty of time with each person. Here are the details:

Class Schedule:

  • We'll meet every other week, with an expected commitment of approximately 90 minutes per week.
  • On class weeks, we'll dive into fascinating topics.
  • On alternate weeks, you'll have self-study or recommended reading.

Private Discord Server:

  • We've set up a private Discord server exclusively for our class.
  • It's the perfect place for group discussions and private questions between classes.
  • Plus, it has a straightforward search function for easy access to resources.

What We'll Study:

  • Our focus will primarily be on Traditional Western Astrology.
  • We'll also explore Uranian astrology because midpoints are a technique you won't want to miss!
  • Our journey begins with Horary astrology, progresses to Electional astrology, and finally delves into Natal astrology using a wide variety of techniques.

Ethics and Theory:

  • Along the way, we'll discuss theory and ethical considerations related to divination.
  • Astrology is a powerful tool, one that anyone can leverage to improve their lives.

Sliding Scale Pricing:

  • I believe in making astrology accessible to all.
  • Therefore, I offer these classes on a sliding scale, considering individual circumstances and exchange rates.

Interested? Let's Connect:

  • If you're intrigued and want to join,

Reviews and Testimonials

Astrology Consult

2 April 2024

Thank you Kai for helping me through this difficult time. Your careful guidance was just what I needed. You have such a big heart!

- Marcella May

Astrology Consult

22 March 2024

Rev. Kai knows their stuff! Their insight into my family of eclipses helped me peice together so many things in my life. It has helped me in so many ways.

- Ann Jensen

Natal Chart

17 February 2024

Kai is so compassionate. They had no trouble navigating my complex situation and addressing my concerns with love and care. I felt seen, for who I am.

- Charlie Douglas

Astrology Consult

12 December 2023

Kai help clarify several things in my natal that had been bugging me for years. As an astrologer, I was impressed with their knowledge of technique and how they illustrated the stories in my chart.

- Megan Grey

Astrology Consult

1 December 2023

Kai helped me with choosing dates for opening my business and all the steps along the way. It has now been a year and I have had wonderful success. I attribute that, at least in part, to the magical timing that Kai found for me.

- Marian Duncan

Astrology Consult

4 November 2023

Thank you Rev. Kai! You answered so many of my questions. I feel confident I am on the right path now!

- Rachel Cowan

Astrology Consult

27 October 2023

Rev. Kai helped me sort out what was happening with our 'haunted house' and helped me with an action plan. Now I can finally put an end to this problem.

- Matthew Acosta

Astrology Consult

15 September 2023

I highly recommend Rev. Kai. They helped me find my natal genius and put to rest the doubts I've been having about my magical progress. Their wisdom was a balm for this solo flyer.

- Seth Alexander

Tarot Reading

7 August 2023

I've been going to Kai for years for tarot readings. They are always so helpful! I feel so lucky to have found Kai.

- Georgia Frost

Natal Chart

5 April 2023

Thank you so much for such a deep and meaningful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and it aided, as well as inspired the ever evolving examination of self! Thank you, Rev. Kai! Love and Blessings!

- Lee Mckinney

Astrology Consult

17 March 2023

Always love our sessions.

- Christina Sharon Raymond

Astrology Consult

21 February 2023

Rev. Kai always tells it like it is. And it is always what I really need to hear.

- Marcy Chung

Astrology Consult

24 January 2023

Rev. Kai helped me navigate a very tricky situation. With their advice it went as well as can be expected and I felt better with realistic expectations.

- Matthew Garrison

Astrology Consult

13 December 2022

Rev. Kai is so kind and caring. They helped me through a very difficult situation and now I can see the hope again.

- Alyssa Campos

Astrology Consult

19 November 2022

Rev. Kai helped me work through my relationship issues. After three years of dating around, I have finally met the woman of my dreams and I am not terrified of screwing it up anymore.

- Allan Lindsay

Astrology Consult

21 October 2022

Rev. Kai helped us pick out our wedding dates. They found us a perfect sunset spring wedding and even looked at the locations of our honeymoon options as a bonus! We are looking forward to starting our lives together!

- Olga McConnel & Kevin Bishop

Astrology Consult

30 September 2022

Rev. Kai is my favorite astrologer. I know I can always trust them to tell me the truth.

- Jocelyn Wiley

Astrology Consult

23 September 2022

I recommend Rev. Kai. They are a great astrologer.

- Sherry Malone

Astrology Consult

6 August 2022

Rev. Kai helped me pick out good dates for my own personal work. These have proven to be immensely profitable. I am making progress faster than ever before and that is thanks to Rev. Kai's skills!

- June Wyatt

Astrology Consult

20 July 2022

My readings with Rev. Kai are so encouraging. They help me affirm myself and I always leave the session feeling safe and uplifted.

- Denni Webb

Natal Rectification

10 June 2022

I was nervous about going through the rectification process to find my birth time but Rev. Kai patiently guided me through each step and had no problem waiting a month when some of the paperwork was delayed. It took us a little more than 6 months but I learned so much in the process. They unpacked each part of my natal chart as we went and I feel confident that now I have a tool I can use for astrology in the future! Thank you so much Rev. Kai!

- Billie Whitehead

Horary Consult

11 May 2022

Reverend Kai is an amazing astrologer. They were able to help me find my lost paperwork in just one week after I had been looking for over 6 months!

- Lucinda Johnson

Astrology Consult

5 April 2022

I recommend Rev. Kai. They are a wonderful astrologer and so understanding. I always feel better after our sessions.

- Dee Orozco

Astrology Consult

31 March 2022

Kai helped me sort out so many of my life questions. This was my third reading with them and I am blown away by how much is in my natal chart. I will be back soon!

- Cheri Rice

Astrology Consult

12 February 2022

Rev. Kai is a great astrologer! I highly recommend you get your chart worked up.

- Marie Hill

Astrology Consult

16 January 2022

I can't recommend Rev. Kai enough! Their readings are spot on.

- Ronnie Peters

Natal Chart

14 December 2021

In my natal chart reading, Kai revealed some ways to make money I had never thought of. That was two years ago. I had to come back and give a review because all of it was right! I am so happy I listened to their advice. Thank you Rev!

- Kelly Robison

Astrology Consult

3 November 2021

I highly recommend Rev. Kai. They helped me find the root of the issue and then gave me multiple options for how to solve it. I ended up using a mix of their recommendations and it worked a treat!

- Pixie

Astrology Consult

18 October 2021

Thank you so much Kai! Your advice turned out to be spot on. I felt like I had the secret key cause I knew what was coming. So thankful I got a reading with you!

- Bridget Kent

Astrology Consult

20 September 2021

Rev. Kai is great! They answered all of my questions, even the ones that came two days later. All of the predictions unfolded just as they said they would. Looking foward to my coming lucky year!

- Julian Hastings

Astrology Consult

4 August 2021

Rev. Kai helped get me into the perfect job! They helped me find the right career and then went above and beyond by giving me lucky days to put in applications and set interviews. I love my new career and look forward to work every morning now.

- Will Emerson

Astrology Consult

25 July 2021

As a budding astrologer I really enjoyed my natal reading. Kai was so patient with their time and answered every question I had.

- Rebecca Shafer

Tarot Reading

28 June 2021

Rev. Kai's readings are so spot on. I don't know how they can see what they see in the cards! This was my 5th reading. I am still amazed at the accuracy.

- Missy Walsh

Astrology Consult

11 June 2021

Rev. Kai helped me through a really dark time. They helped me reframe the situation which gave me the confidence to reach out for help. I'm not sure I would have made it out if my friend hadn't recommended a reading. If you are struggling Rev. Kai can help you find that light in the dark place.

- Jerome Parker

Astrology Consult

9 May 2021

I am so happy with our session with Rev. Kai. They helped myself and my fiancé plan our wedding date. They looked at all the involved charts and gave us options explaining what each one meant. Looking forward to our beautiful fall wedding and our new life together! Thank you Rev. Kai!

- Cora Sharp

Astrology Consult

23 April 2021

Rev. Kai helped me unpack so much about my childhood and my mother. They also helped me make a plan for dealing with the pain in my meditation practice. I highly recommend getting a reading with Rev. Kai.

- Teresa McDaniel

Astrology Consult

7 March 2021

I highly recommend Rev. Kai. They provided me with the deep insight I needed.

- Cora Procyon

Horary Consult

2 March 2021

Following transits since the birth of my small nonprofit has proven a necessity and I highly recommend Reverend Kai's horary, astrology skills. They explained a lull in activity at this time, a fortunate nod to take care of myself since tearing a groin muscle and they offered assurances that indeed, things would pick back up in April. I'm content to focus on healing and grateful to the stars for permission to back off of micromanaging a startup endeavor. Their insights also reminded me that I must prepare to let go of this baby when it takes off. In reference to dates, I mentioned the first of February and a potential association with the Goddess Brigid. Reverend Kai explained Her role as blacksmith, forming the tools to empower one with cooking pans, carpenter tools, the blacksmith as the backbone of a community and I'm doubly blessed with Brigid's favor in service through the nonprofit. What do the stars say for you? Ask Reverend Kai.

- Keri Strahler

Horary Consult

20 February 2021

Rev. Kai patiently helped me through my situation, providing understanding and care. Thank you Kai!

- Cam Llewellyn

Tarot Reading

8 February 2021

Great tarot reading! Answered all of my questions.

- Sherrie Rodgers

Natal Chart

13 January 2021

Wow! Rev. Kai helped me find the answers I needed. I was blown away by the accuracy!

- Luiza Danvers

Bone Reading

8 September 2020

Reverend Kai did a bone throw for me and the results were insightful, on point and affirmed progress in my path. I highly recommend this technique and their skill at pulling out the most meaningful prompts from this form of divination. Their intuition is phenomenal and they have never backed down from hard conversations when it comes to my health and well being. 5 stars!

- Keri Strahler

Bone Reading

21 July 2020

They have great wisdom and the best bone reader out here. They have been right on point with me every time.

- Shannon Mehler

Tarot Reading

20 July 2020

I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher! Thank you! ♥️

- Christina Sharon Raymond

Tarot Reading

5 July 2020

Rev. Kai is great. I might not always get what I want, but I for sure get what I need. Thank you.

- Carlie Allen

Tarot Reading

3 July 2020

Amazing. Rev Kai has a humble wisdom about their abilities and a sweet humor that comes through all they do. I have so enjoyed getting to know them and learn from them. They have been SPOT ON in the readings they have given to me. Thank you Rev!!

- Brittney Doll

Natal Chart

26 June 2020

Just finished up a natal chart review with Rev. Kai and was blown away by their knowledge of astrology. They deftly moved me through my birth chart into transits, validating events I've grown through in the last ten years and I am grateful for their insight. I highly recommend their skills if you're in a desert period, or are just curious.

- Keri Strahler

Tarot Reading

6 May 2020

Excellent tarot reading very informative! Helped me a lot with my questions.

- Anna White

If you have any questions, please contact me.